Frequently asked questions

Can we choose our own sub-contractors?

The short answer is yes. You can choose some of your own sub-contracotors, however, Waldner Construction will not warranty the work or materials supplied by these sub-contractors.

Do You offer a warranty?

Yes we offer a 1 year builder's warranty

Do you have a model home to walk through?

Depending on availablity we may have a model home for you to walk through to get ideas. We also have a show room where you can get ideas.

What happens if I want to make changes after the house is being built?

We will issue a change order to you and have you sign it before we proceed with any changes.

Will the price change as the process of building is underway?

Waldner Construction will give you an upfront cost of the home you are building with specifications. Price is subject to change if time lapses between when we give the price and the contract is signed.

How long will it take for my home to be built?

The timeline is approximately 120 days depending on the weather. Updates and photos on the construction process will be noted in the builder program on a regualr basis.

How are descisions made through the building process?

We will add you to a building program where you can see all selections. We will use this tool to keep you informed on important dates.

What is the process for inspection or final walk through?

You can schedule walk throughs as needed during the construciton process. Two walkthroughs will be mandatory: The rough electrical and the final walk through.